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There is a place where time slows down, where dreams of a dreamer come alive, where creativity, obsession for the detail, the experience of master craftsmen and converge and convert every vision into unique masterpieces, to awaken the depths emotions and convey experiences and fascinations.

In  the medieval Feltre, resting at the foot of the peaks "Feltrine" , which with their enchanting beauty are the Crown, a place where you can still feel the presence left by the great figures of history, from Castaldi, passing the great artists like Rizzarda and Tancredi arise the dream EGO.

EGO begins to shape in the mind of its founder in 2013 and become the dream of rediscovering the talent and the old workshop of crafts that are fading remorselessly.

"I realized that it was necessary to give more visibility to our artisans, "the "seed "endangered suffocated by the multinationals and the big forgetting industries of our illustrious past where our workshops and their craftsmen were known worldwide for their skills".

EGO first of all it's filosophy.

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