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It caresses with a light touch of your fingers, you examine it to decode the elaborate designs of its veins, it smells to understand her perfume, you listen to groped to steal its secrets. Wood is a living material that speaks through our senses. It improves with time, but its shape remains unchanged, sunlight sculpt the course transforming the color naturally, his grace and his strenght visual impact are extraordinarily magnificent.

The MAHOGANY is a hard and durable wood, reddish brown color, richly veined with a very long history that shows the great cabinetmakers of the eighteenth century. It expresses firmness, suitable for people with determined personality and governing all adversity, determined in willing and acting.

The CHERRYWOOD is a very strong and compact wood, red brown orange, elegant and delicate with fragile flowers like the human existence. It speaks romantic, suitable for people with passionate and dreamy personalities.

The OAK is a good hard wood, brown to yellow with dark picketing, used since two hundred. It expresses adventure, suitable for people with adventurous character, who goes through the world searching for more and different experiences.

The ASH is a durable and flexible wood, white- grayish, inspires meditation and connecting fantasy and amazing. Expresses creativity, suitable for people with original personality, able to observe the problems from unusual perspective,  with the ability to invent new experiences and connection.

The WALNUT is a lightweight and flexible hard wood, brown with dark veins, sometimes in black,  it is considered one of the best woods used since the Renaissance. It expresses charisma, suitable for people  with a charming character, an innate gift and a very high personality, able of a persuasive titanic on crowd.

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