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EGO comes from the desire to change the visions, whatever they are, into  masterpieces. I am fully convinced that an energetic environment and the beauty of a place enhance their well-being and stimulate the intimate creativity. That's why  I chose the town of Feltre to spread and to grow the seed of EGO.

The EGO atelier, where the visions come to life, is placed by the slope of Dolimiti, that coronet it up!

EGO brings the proof of  hard past work of our craftsmen and today's will to renew it into modern shapes and in compliance with the times.

With a lot of efforts and commitment, I have search for the best artisans in every corner of Veneto, who have decided to dedicate to EGO their expert hands and their creativity; each of them is fully aware that his work is an essential element for the growth of EGO and a appreciation of the ancient art revisited in a modern way. As well as a heritage for future generations.   

"Who puts the knowledge, the art and skill for the good of the others, he engrave his name in history."

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